‘Rooftopping’ in London


If you follow me on social media, then you probably know by now that I like to plan crazy bdays. Three years ago, I went to beautiful Cancun and explored Tulum’s ruins. Two years ago, I spent five days in Las Vegas, enjoying the most luxurious suites in Sin City. Last year, I walked around the colorful streets of Oaxaca. This year I wanted to “jump” to another continent: Europe.

The first time I visited London was a decade ago. Wow! I can’t believe I have done so many lay overs at Heathrow Airport over the past years but didn’t have a chance to revisit the city.  So I decided to plan a long weekend in the British capital. I know it sounds a little bit crazy: a 13-hour flight to spend just 4 days in London? I know, I know. But that’s what the “wanderlust” spirit is all about. If you know that word, you probably share some feelings with me right now.

Since I like to do something different in every trip, I decided it was time to go and do some “rooftopping” in London. I visited some of the most luxurious rooftops of the city, that gave me a different point of view of this beautiful town. Its skyline mixes a historic and modern architecture with total harmony.

Here are some of the best views:

A heavenly view from Sky Garden #DinnerWithAView #ThisIsLondon #LondonForYou

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